The Doula Experience with Brittney Hogue

I want you to have the birth you want…

And it starts with knowing your own heart. Birth goes so much beyond medicated or unmedicated, land or water. It's understanding what is happening to your body, being at peace with the decisions that were both within and out of your control. It's feeling free to be expressive, to channel that inner mother goddess whose body is fierce, capable and whole. I want you to love your birth. I want you to look back and say you felt loved, you felt supported.

So talk to me. Let's talk about birth. Let's talk interventions, mother in laws, breastfeeding, eye ointment, placentas, you name it. Let's talk about it all and find what you want in your birth story. And together with your care provider, we will do everything possible to give you the support needed to have the birth you deserve.