This changes everything.


You’re here because you know your birth is incomprehensibly, undeniable life-changing. You’re here because you know this birth you’re about to experience is going to transform you in ways you cannot yet begin to understand. It’s going to mold you into the strongest version of yourself you ever envisioned: a mother. You’re here because you need to trust these hours in the hands of someone who can document it unfolding in a way that’s going take your breath away.


I’m not crazy. I know there’s no guarantees going into this birth with you. Birth plans are more like… loosely followed expectations to our babies. The unpredictable happens. The unimaginable happens. But that’s not stopping us. I can’t promise you how your birth will end, but I will throw my whole heart into this with you. I want you…

To be excited about your birth.

To feel like you were heard, you mattered, your birth mattered. Not just to you, but to everyone in your team.

To walk away from this trusting you gave your entire self into having to story you wanted.

To hold onto these hours of your life forever and in way you can’t wait to share.


Why invest in your birth?

You guys, if you are considering it, don’t hesitate, just do it. Brittney Hogue is incredible, her work is incredible, her help in the delivery room is incredible, and her spirit is free and beautiful! Not only that but her turn around time for sneak peeks is the real deal. Birth photography is something I considered just because you hear more and more about it and I am SO glad I decided to do it and use her. I promise it is worth every penny and is 100% worth it.

Thank you again for everything Brittney, you are the best!

-Breana Olson, June 2019 Birth Client


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