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Please take the time to really share your story with me. Not sure if I’m in your budget? That’s ok. I offer payment plans from 6-12 months on all sessions. Cost should never be the reason you don’t have the best birth and postpartum experience. I’m committed to working with families who can’t wait to honor their births and their babes. If this is you… what are you waiting for?


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This is me. Your birth photographer.

The one you are trusting to not laugh when that toot escapes through during labor …or you poop while pushing. And of course… the one who doesn’t make it feel awkward to have your vagina photographed. There. I said basically all the things you have fears about, right? I’ve done this birth thing too. I had all those fears and more.

But guess what… I’m also a mom, a pretty ok-ish friend, a Harry Potter NERD (Ravenclaw if you really needed to know), a Christian, and I care. I care about YOU, about your family and about your birth experience. Let’s be besties. My kids need more friends.