Family + Maternity

Photographing families

It's tough. There's distracted kids running a muck. They're ruining their carefully selected outfits in coordinating colors. Those grass stains CANNOT be easy to edit out. 

Let me tell you the only thing you need to know for your family session: trust me. That's it. Just trust me that I can catch a fantastic grin on a misbehaving toddler. Trust me that I can take that serious, shy look and make it into something that will steal your heart away. It's what I do. I'm going to help you make real moments and real connections during your session. We don't get those by telling your kiddo to sit and smile. 

Maybe you think you just want photographs of your child only. You don't. You want to leave your child with a part of yourself they may never remember without these photographs. They will one day be proud to have that photograph of you together to show to their own children. Be in the picture. You won't regret it.