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Do you REALLY know how babies are born? I bet you don't.

So you are having a baby… and you actually realized for the first time that you don’t ACTUALLY know how babies come out. I mean yeah, the cervix dilates to 10cm, you push and out comes a baby. Sure. That’s like saying to become a millionaire, you need only to save a million dollars. Turns out, there’s just a few more steps! So dive into this quick and easy breakdown of how babies come out. It might just help you have a better birth!

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Using Emotional Support | 4 of 4 Ways to Encourage an Epidural Free Birth | by Doula + Birth Photographer Brittney Hogue

The final piece. The most important piece. This is the last of my four part series on building your epidural free birth toolkit! If you missed a piece, be sure to visit my blog for all the posts so you can have a great chance at watching your birth plan unfold exactly as you had hoped!

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