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Have you seen one of my Fresh 48 sessions yet?

Well, if you're here... you're sure about to! Holly reached out to me much earlier in her pregnancy than a lot of moms do to reserve this session. And seriously, this baby boy is SO sweet. He's already stirring up trouble, giving Holly a great labor and delivery story. She possess all the courage a woman could hope for in a long and exhausting labor and then a rather surprising delivery experience. If you haven't heard all the details yet, you should probably ask her as soon as you're done viewing this. Seriously, she's a champion of motherhood.

Rolland is also just one handsome baby with expressions that change every second. Holly mentioned he was really striving to roll back to belly and had the head control of a two month old. But at almost 9 lbs, I wouldn't expect anything else. He'll be ready for his driver's license in another two weeks at this rate. Haha.


Newborn baby boy makes a variety of facial expressions on the first day of life at UnityPoint Health Methodist in Peoria, IL.
Fresh 48 photographer, Brittney Hogue, highlights baby's hair and fingers in close up shots.

You'll notice here that Holly and Brett are choosing to "finger feed" Rolland right now. This is such an amazing tool to encourage a baby to latch correctly and feed without letting a bottle do so much work. Many moms (including myself when Alanna was born) will opt to finger feed with a baby who hasn't quite figured out how latching right to the breast works. There's a small tube that is placed next to your clean finger in the baby's mouth and he has to actively suck to receive his expressed milk or formula from the other end. If you've never let a baby suckle on your finger... it's a bit of a shock the first time just how strong that suckling reflex is. And then you understand completely why babies are not born with teeth. Ha!

Mom and dad finger feed baby to encourage great latch habits in a breastfeeding baby.
Baby boy sleeps in bassinet with baseball beanie.
Brittney Hogue focuses on wrinkly baby feet during newborn photography session.
Parents sit together holding new baby.

These photographs of Holly and Brett together are definitely my favorite of the bunch. They look so happy and so complete now that baby Rolland has arrived and is here to hold.

New baby locks eyes with camera for connected newborn portrait.
Fresh 48 newborn at UnityPoint Health Methodist in Peoria IL poses with baseball and authentic Louisville Slugger.

We managed to wrap things up with one image Holly and Brett were really hoping for. I can never promise a posed session like this at Fresh 48 session, because the hospital rooms are usually a little too chilly for the amount of time it requires to successfully pose a wee little baby like this. Not to mention, new babies just are not able to get their tummies quite full enough to have a beautiful, deep sleep that all newborn photographers swoon over. But Rolland... he's full of surprises. And yes, that's a real Louisville Slugger he's holding.

Thank you so much Holly and Brett, for trusting me in creating a beautiful collection of photographs of your son.


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