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PCOS + Arrest of labor + Cesarean Delivery | A Birth Story of Central IL | Brittney Hogue - Birth Photographer

“ I felt violated, like I had to submit to something in which I had no other choice. As I was wheeled back to the operating room, I felt powerless and like a failure. I had spent nearly 4 weeks eating dates daily, drink red raspberry leaf tea, pumping, drinking parsley tea, putting I think it was primrose oil capsules in my vaginal canal, walking a mile a day, walking off and on the curb, 2 membrane sweeps. Anything and everything I could think of to try to bring on labor. And this is where the deep disappointment came from when I was wheeled back. “

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Raeland Jo | Fresh 48 Hospital Lifestyle | Pekin Memorial Hospital, IL

You know that feel of a sweet, new eight pound baby snuggling into your arms? I sure do. And I love it. These hospital lifestyle sessions are by far my favorite way to photograph a newborn. There's no stress to baby. We just kind of roll with it. And we capture such BEAUTIFUL details.

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The Perseverance of Pregnancy | A Birth Story | Peoria-Bloomington IL Area

Sometimes these beautiful moments happen at a home birth. Siblings are there. They pop in and say, "Hi mom!" at just the right moment. That child represents a precious gift in so many ways, and one of the greatest is giving a mother the opportunity to feel centered again. Click to continue reading Tuuli's birth story.

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The Beauty of Home Birth | Peoria IL Area Birth Story

Childbirth is a miraculous thing. Having the honor of photographing one is life changing. I actually struggled picking up my camera after being a part of Jen's birthing team. I had officially photographed the most rewarding event I would ever have the chance to take part in. Done. Check. Completed. Nothing seemed to live up to that opportunity for me. And in those weeks following Teegan's birth, I knew this was what I was passionate about. Life. Adventure. Beginnings. 

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