The Birth of Sunny | Birth Center of Bloomington Normal

Meet Nicholle. Nicholle is your average, super cool mom expecting her third baby. Did I mention she’s also a birth photographer in the Springfield area? We connected pretty early in her pregnancy. That happens when you’re a birth photographer. You basically start shopping for photographers before you are even pregnant ;)

Nicholle has some pretty serious birth history under her belt. Her first babe was pre-term and had a NICU stay. Any mother with that journey can attest to the mark it leaves on your heart. Pre-eclampsia seems to be one of those things you hear about all the time and subsequently down play how serious it can really be. Late in her pregnancy with Sunny, Nicholle started showing some signs again of possible pre-e and was devastated. We kept in touch and I let her know however she wants to remember this birth is how I will try to capture it for her <3

We were lucky. Or God answered my prayers. Maybe both. Nicholle carried past 40 weeks. She had INSANELY LONG early labor and did that thing that mom with long labors do… not take active labor seriously when it kicks in. I left town, headed to the Birth Center and arrived just after receiving the text, “hardcore here”. I’M COMMMMMMING!!

40 minutes later, with the help of her husband and the midwife, Nicholle birthed her baby girl in the water right into her own arms. Sunny was so.content. in mom’s arms and barely made a peep for several minutes. Just taking everything in. Her little sudden cries were so AWEEE worthy it made you want to squeeze her- which I’m pretty sure Nicholle did.

My favorite detail from this birth … well, I guess I have two.

  1. DAT BABY BUTT. All the vernix nestled right there. UGH. Can you tell how much I loved it? Nicholle’s face when she sees it <3 SO GOOD.

  2. The love between mom and dad here. It’s so evident. It’s so strong. Nicholle mentioned in her social media announcement that she felt like she fell in love all over again. Seriously… I feel that looking at these.

But really… let’s jump to what you came here for- the photos.