The Birth Center of Bloomington Normal | Xandra's Birth

There’s this magical place just an hour from my home town. In this magical place, mothers a re free to birth in the way they desire. What does that even mean? What does that even LOOK like?

It looks like… no IV fluids or pitocin in labor.

It looks like… eating in labor.

It looks like… walking outside just before transition sets in, even after you’ve been admitted. Freely moving between a warm tub filled with oil infused water to keep you calm and centered and pushing on a squat bar, in a bed, standing. It looks like an empty room, free of medical students, extra nurses, intimidating medical equipment. It looks like a real bed, real bath robes.

Soft voices.

Gentle touches.

Continuous labor support when you want it.

Nearly always one on one care with your midwife throughout labor.

It looks like this.

Calm, centered, collected. Natural childbirth. It looks like evidence based care. Choice. Informed consent. It looks like birth in a way that’s not offered anywhere else in our area.

Listen. If you truly want the BEST care, the BEST support and the BEST facility to birth your low-risk baby into… if you want to trust your body, have a deeply intimate and moving birth experience… Seriously, why haven’t you visited the birth center yet? Xandra is a first time mother. She chose to trust in her ability to birth, a skill that has been passed onto her from an entire millennia of women before her. She did not let the doubt and fear of others stop her from a truly natural childbirth.

There’s something magical that happens here.