Using Spiritual Support | 2 of 4 Ways to Encourage an Epidural Free Birth | by Doula + Birth Photographer Brittney Hogue

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using spiritual support

meditation + affirmations

So you have some physical relief to help you through early labor. But those contractions are getting harder to breathe through and even harder to focus through. You can easily become fixated on the pain. With the use of meditation and affirmations, you can work to redirect your brain to stop focusing on only the pain.

But where do you even start with meditation? There’s never a free moment. There’s always a child, a dog, a partner who is needing something from you. It’s always noisy. There never seems to be a GOOD time. Well, isn’t that the best time? When everything around you is chaotic? Learn to tune out all those distractions and focus on one thought, one place, one idea. The affirmation. My body is strong, my courage is stronger. I am meeting my baby soon. I surrender to the wave. My pain is progress. I am not afraid. It’s just one minute. I can do anything for ten seconds.

The thing about meditation is… it DOES take practice. You can’t just assume you’ll be good at it. Or say I want an epidural free birth badly enough that I don’t need a plan. If it was that simple, we’d have more women opting for epidural free births. Planning is great, but practice is greater.

Here’s some great places to try to start meditating on a thought or experience of peace and well being: in the shower, as you fall asleep at night, the five minutes before you step out of your car and head into work or go back into your house, daily prayer time. The commercial break of your favorite show even. Little moments happen everyday. But maybe you are still struggling. Maybe you think, “I need like full immersion into meditation just once so I know I CAN do it!” Well… I’ve got you covered. Check out Soul Restoration in Pekin! They offer float therapy (which is a sensory deprivation experience) or salt room meditation (where you literally hang out in the ultimate meditation environment and just unwind in a quiet place for a while.

Here’s a great 6 minute video on sensory deprivation experience. Imagine if you were able to feel THIS good at 39 weeks pregnant? How could choosing float therapy to help you meditate, help connect more deeply with your baby?

Send me your most meaningful meditations, affirmations and spiritual coping techniques! Maybe you even have versus you loved focusing on leading up to delivery! Send me all the things!

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P.S. If you are struggling on how to create meaningful affirmations… check out my blog post here on writing affirmations. There’s even a free download!