Kori Sink Bath Session | Brittney Hogue Family Lifestyle + Documentary Photographer | Central IL

Do you have photos like these from your childhood? I definitely have some and I love them more than any posed portrait from Bob’s. And I’ll admit at least a dozen of them are me going potty. We have a few of my husband like that too. Dear 1990s parents, why did you photograph us on toilets so much? I’m sure we did tons of other cool stuff. Eating messy food, learning to walk, playing in mud… I’m sure there was more stuff. But enough about me ;) Let’s get to what you came here for…

Hello there Kori.

It’s crazy to see how much you’ve grown in just four-ish short months. I love how unsure you are if the big camera, how you keep chewing on every piece of fabric you can pull to your mouth. I love how much your sisters love you, how your pup circles the highchair just waiting for you to toss food down to him.

This session wasn’t anything remarkable. Just lunch, bath and a short play time. An afternoon at home with mom on one of her days off of work. Dance party, giggles, knock-off fingerlings. But we made some images that Alecia’s family will look back on and smile so much over. We captured the personality of a animated baby… and her precious rollsssssss.