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In labor and in life we often find ourselves discouraged, fearful, unsure of what our outcomes are in the task set before us. We feel lost, our friends and family feel unsure of what to say. We struggle to find positive thoughts to focus on, to meditate on. We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

But what if we surrounded ourselves with positive statements? What if we chose words to be spoken by our family and friends that remind us… you’re doing it? You are doing the hardest thing. You are making progress when it feels like stagnation. You are safe when everything feels scary. And what if these words were ones that set you up for success? What if they gave you power, hope, faith? What if they took away even a little bit of the fear? What if they gave you something to focus on?

I’ve put together some drop. dead. gorgeous labor and childbirth affirmations that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve let yourself down when your birth plan changes. Sometimes we focus on thoughts and validate those thoughts with affirmations that can be damaging.

My baby will fit.
My body knows how to birth.
Healthy mom, healthy baby.
My body is not a lemon.
My body was made to birth.
My body can birth a baby, just as it can grow a baby.

The truth is sometimes babies do not fit. Our bodies do not dilate. True arrest of labor occurs. A perfectly healthy mother expects a demise, a premature baby, a baby with a heart defect, a metabolic disorder, a genetic abnormality. Lastly, we all have a mother in our lives who has been affected by miscarriage, by infertility. Our words matter. They’re powerful. And when an event as important as childbirth occurs, something that has the capacity to change your life completely… it’s important that while we hope for the very best in our outcomes, that we allow ourselves grace to fall short.

We can well wish, we can hope, we can pray, we can want. But ultimately no matter how much we prepare, our birth stories write themselves. And that narrative should be defined by what you CAN do, not what you CANNOT. And that brings me to the affirmations I have put together. They are a carefully planned list of statements that can be used in many births. Some are perfect for labor and vaginal childbirth, some are perfect for cesarean births. Whatever your journey looks like, I encourage you to surround yourself with affirmations that can be empowering, that can speak to your strengths, not to the things you cannot control.

Affirmations for labor and childbirth, created by Brittney Hogue Birth Photographer of Central IL
Affirmations for labor and childbirth, created by Brittney Hogue Birth Photographer of Central IL

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