Zeke | Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session | UnityPoint Health Peoria | Newborn Photographer Brittney Hogue

So things are slow on the birth front right now, despite the super cool wolf blood whatever total lunar eclipse of the heart that occurred last night. Apparently the changing moon tides ( I literally know nothing about astronomy despite taking it in college) has brought a fresh wave of babes into my life.


You are perfection. Deeply creased wrinkles in your hands and toes. A sweet dusting of hair hiding under that little hat. A proud big sister that giggles at your every whimper. You have so very surely brought joy to lives of those around you in the last day. My favorite thing about you though is how… cradled in love you always seem to be.

Look at how sweetly his parents always seem to hold him. Their hands match in their tenderness and their care. And it’s stunning. The image of dad lifting Zeke about halfway through just tugs at my heartstrings and brings fuzzy oxytocin to my fingertips. And that’s how you ended up with 134 edited images in your collection. These are just the highlights. Ha!

Kristin has opted to commission a placenta print as well and I’m beyond excited to pick up her placenta from the hospital tomorrow and start working on it! But now, what you really came here for… Presenting Zeke, born Jan 20th.