Laura's Cesarean Birth | OSF St Francis | Brittney Hogue Birth Photographer, Peoria and Bloomington IL

Laura’s birth was not like other births. It was following a journey like no other mother’s you have heard. Multiple miscarriages, multiple uterine surgeries to correct an uncommon uterine defect, and saddest of all… the death of one of her twin girls some two years before on the first day of life.

To walk into this hospital with her head held high and a smile on her face was unfathomable. How could she contain so much joy after so much loss? But in quite moments between smiles, you could see the scary parts Laura hid so well. The anxiety. The fear. The last time she was here, she thought she could be losing her baby. Before then… she did lose a baby.

There are many things I could say about this birth; however, I think those things speak for themselves in the photographs: Laura was surrounded by exceptional love on the day of her birth. And Baby Z, while tiny at 35 weeks, was strong and healthy, delivered perfectly by her talented physician Dr. Bochantin.


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