Carolyn Everly | Fresh 48 Hospital Session | OSF St Francis Peoria IL

Little Everly was long anticipated. Nearly a week past her expected date with an eviction notice scheduled, Everly decided just hours before her induction to give enough signs of arrival to head into the hospital.

But like many girls, Everly is already stubborn and showing who is the real boss. She took her time. Afterall, you can’t be late to your own birth day, right? A labor spanning over two days, pitocin (every mother’s total favorite), some theraputic rest, a lot of prayers and a lot of “any updates?” from the peanut gallery … a baby girl is born.

And just by chance, mom listened when dad said… “Bring the bows”. BECAUSE IT’S A GIIIIIRL.

Thank you Jess and James for inviting me into your postpartum space, for laughing at my anecdotes, for trusting me with your new baby’s portraits. I feel the love you share for her when I look at these. I can’t wait to see her again in the future <3