Spoopy Ghosts to make with your little ghouls! | 5 Simple Steps even a 4 year old can follow... maybe

So there’s art… and then there is crafts. I am an ARTIST. I create art. My kids create crafts… when I let them and they can successfully wear me down enough to agree to assisting.

I actually suck pretty much completely at crafts. I find them really challenging for some reason? And typically intimidating. And the cost. Ugh. CRAFTS ARE NOT CHEAP.

WELL MOVE OVER MONSTER MASH. I had inspiration strike at Wally World today and completed my life’s goal as a parent and became (dare I say it…) A PINTEREST MOM. See, I can say that… because I’ll be putting this on pinterest. ;) So without further ado… our $15 SPOOPY GHOSTS!


I opted for the ten pack of flower sack towels, but there was a 5 pack for $5 cheaper!

I opted for the ten pack of flower sack towels, but there was a 5 pack for $5 cheaper!

This is the master supply list! Flour sack towels, a marker (Sharpie or fabric marker), scissors, some invisible line and of course… the sacks you carried the supplies home with! This invisible line is actually from the craft section at Walmart. It’s stretchy and used for beading bracelets for kids!


Step one

Flap out that towel. Pinch from the middle and shake it out. Lay it flat back on your table. It matters zero if it’s nice and pretty. Don’t try to hard. I didn’t.


Step two

Take your scissors and make two teeny, tiny slits at the top/middle of your towel where you pinched. Remember this will fray a bit, so spacing those little slashes about a half inch or more apart would be a good idea. Thread your line through. Cut your line extra long and tie the two ends together, creating a giant loop!

Step three

Take your grocery sack and stuff it up to the top of your ghost where you thread your line through. You could use multiple bags or just one and fluff it out. I only used one bag as I didn’t try very hard and Clark would have probably had a fit if everything wasn’t exactly the same for each ghost.


Step four

Gather the towel under the bag and tie off with a small piece of your line. Make sure it’s good and tight.


Step five

Take your marker and draw that face on. This is where having only one bag in there came in handy. I was able to smush that ghost face flat and color, then fluff the grocery sack back out and shape the ghost head a bit.

That’s it, folks. You did it. Repeat for more ghouls. Hang them outside on your porch and watch how spoopy they be in the wind. Wooooooooooooo. Haha