Preston Jacob | OSF St Francis Medical Center Fresh 48 | by Brittney Hogue

Welcome Earth-side, Preston.

After 12 solid hours of labor, some bargaining with God, a little pitocin, a lot of support and an upheaval of love, Preston was welcomed into the world last night. Holding out until the 11th hour (quite literally!) to appear, Preston almost shared a birthday with eight of his Auntie's puppies!

This little guy stayed mostly bundled up as his little six-pound-one-ounce body just wasn't quite holding his temp yet! But we were able to sneak out his toes for a few pictures after his attentive nurse declared him holding at 99 degrees. He also must know his momma needed a break, as he only made the tiniest of peeps during his whole session.

My favorite thing about Preston is easily his hair. It's has the hint of his daddy's color... and it's everywhere! You can see the cutest little hairs covering his cheeks. I so wish I could have gotten him naked and see those little hairs spill onto his shoulders and back <3 He also already has a fan club. Between best friend/aunt, uncle, grandmothers andfirst time great grandparents... this little guy is already loved to the fullest.

Enough about me gushing... Meet Preston.