Mila's Fresh 48 | by Brittney Hogue | Peoria and Pekin Fresh 48 Photographer

You didn't think I'd share Mila's posed portraits without showing off her Very First Ever Official Portrait Session, did you? I can't get enough of this peanut. She really is a sweet heart.

Austyn had a longer labor than average (but not terribly long) and worked hard to bring this baby girl into the world. You may see she still has some head molding in a few of these. That can happen when a mom is fierce and her baby isn't so nice to her birth canal. The amazing thing about a brand new baby is exactly how resilient she is. Mom's work hard to bring them into this world and babies defy imagination to make it out of the womb.

Oh, and if you're in LOVE with her Mila headband... yeah, I am too!

Here's my favorites!