Meet Baby Talan | by Brittney Hogue | Central IL Newborn Photographer

If you're following my Facebook page, you saw my collage of Keely's baby! Talan was the best little dude. I have been so fortunate to have so many happy babies to work with in the last few weeks.

You might notice Talan has some peeling skin. Many families think this is dry skin and do everything humanly possible to moisturize their baby when starts. The best way to prevent that flaking is to skip bathing your baby at birth. Opt for delayed bathing and wait 12+ hours. Vernix, the body's first coconut oil bath, is the cottage cheese that your baby is covered in at birth. It contains a whole host of properties to encourage health skin, including antibacterial components to be your little one's first defense in the outside world. Overdue babies and babies low on amniotic fluid are likely to have a lot more of the good cottage cheese. True facts. Birth is pretty cool like that.

Anyway... what you really came here for is Talan... and his adorable rolly polly body. Don't catch the fever, baby fever that is. Tell Keely what your favorites are as she hasn't quuuuite narrowed down her keepers yet!




Brittney Hogue is a birth, baby and family photographer in the Peoria area. Posed newborn sessions are now being offered as part of the baby line up! Reach out today to start planning your upcoming little one's session.


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