Kodah | Fresh 48 UnityPoint Health- Pekin | by Brittney Hogue

That feel when you get to see a friend from long ago ... and get to be one of the first people to hold her new baby boy

It's grand. <3

Kala had her session gifted to her by her very best friend in the whole world Andrea. Because Andrea is awesome. The preservation of precious memories is probably one of the best gifts you can give a new mom... besides a car seat, a crib, a rock and play, a fancy double electric pump, maybe a year's supply of diapers...

But when all those diapers end up pooped on and tossed out, you still have the memories. You still have this collection of images. And it becomes so much more precious as the time passes!

Without further ado... here's the highlights! P.S. If you missed Kala's Facebook announcement... Kodah's Fresh 48 Film is at the end! It might leave you a little misty eyed.



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