Jolene's Birth Story | UnityPointHealth Methodist, Peoria IL | A Rainbow Birth

Traditionally I write out a very long and beautiful post surrounding the birth of a baby. And truthfully, I am not sure I can do Jolene's family justice with it. I have never had the heartache and joy that surrounds bringing a rainbow baby into the world.

If you are not quite sure about the term "rainbow" baby, let me educate you. A rainbow baby is one that is born following a loss of a previously child. While some families keep a miscarriage close to their hearts, Jolene has been fairly open about her journey. And a journey it has been. This child has been one that has been longed for for many years. Addi couldn't wait for a sibling... though she probably doesn't realize she scored a couple of Disney trips since there was no baby to haul around too ;)

But a sister did come. After a not so long induction, a very appreciated epidural, a lot of laughter and more tears of joy than you could imagine. My favorite parts of this birth are all of the hands. They are everywhere. They are helping, they are searching, they are loving, they are caring. They are reassuring, they are heartfelt, they are skilled, they are unsure. From updating the peanut gallery to cradling a precious new life, the hands of everyone here tell a beautiful story. They wiped away tears of sorrow in year's past, and now they wipe away tears of happiness in a halfhearted way.

Welcome to the world, Aubrey Joy.