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It's been a long time since I have posted a session on the blog. Winter turned to spring and my life with two littles just went upside down. Who knew such tiny humans could be so particular about absolutely every detail of their lives? It became fairly easy to fall behind in my work. But when you're a mom and entrepreneur and your hard working husband works a gazillion trillion hours, you persevere.

But then the one session happened that re-centered things for me. This experience slowed me down and had me remember the tiniest details of a new baby that I loved. When I looked into this little man's round and full cheeks, I just for a moment remembered my own son's drooping LGA cheeks that pool to the side when he would be held one way or another. And Bethany's son was such a FRESH baby at only 12 hours old. I was able to come to their house just hours after they themselves arrived home from the Birth Center in Bloomington. Bethany was able to have an incredible water birth experience and be home in her own bed for her second son's first day of life. The best part of Bethany's birth story that she shared with me was knowing big brother Ezra, who had all intentions of being present for delivery, managed to sleep through the whole thing out in the car with grandpa. And I just had to giggle at that, being reminded that for children, birth is just another day and nothing out of the ordinary. He'll likely only remember the day they brought baby brother home as the day he received tons of candy just for smiling and being himself.

But seriously, these two kids are going to be the best of friends. Ezra and his baby brother together is everything you hope for when your eldest child meets your new one. He was kind and snuggly and excited and still managed to be excited for me to capture some beautiful memories for Bethany and Chad.

I am forever grateful that families such as this one invite me into their homes and trust that I will help create a perfect recording of the first day. To some people it might just be a few pictures, but to some... it's a preservation of what life was in this moment. And that's something worth holding on to.


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