Snuggle Session with the Millers | Mother+Child | Pekin+Peoria, IL Family Lifestyle Photographer

When little girls become big sisters...

One day her hair won't be so wild, her face not so round. One day too soon she'll turn down the hugs and insist she can do one too many things herself. One day she won't be this little. And in just a little while, she will no longer be the baby, but a big sister.

This session may not feel quite so special unless you are Myra. But when this is you in front of the camera for the first time in months with your little (besides that snapchat selfie with the dog filter), it feels so much more special than you can comprehend. Seeing your own child wrapped in your arms and giggling away can melt any mom's heart. The way Myra holds her daughter... I can feel how I squeeze on my own two year old and it makes my heart happy. These sessions are fairly near and dear to my heart and show you how the rest of us see you as a mom: happy, confident, strong, charismatic and absolutely beautiful.

Mamas, whether it's with me in a Mother+Child session or just asking your partner to take one with your cell phone, get in the picture. As someone who has maybe three photographs as a small child with my own mother and maybe a dozen with my grandmother, I can tell you first hand how much those photographs with you in them matter to a girl that is all grown up. One day when she's not so little and wishing you were still here to hug her, give her the gift of a memory. She won't care how pretty you felt today. She'll just be happy to see your love for her still. It's your legacy to your children: a legacy of love. Isn't that a gift worth giving?

Washinton IL mom holds daughter on couch.
Little girl runs from mom after mom fixes her hair.
Photographer features mother's hands wrapped around child.
Child laughs with mom during lifestyle session with family photographer Brittney Hogue.
Daughter plays with mom's necklace.
Mom and daughter dance during family lifestyle session.
Pregnant mother shows baby belly for photographer.

Brittney Hogue is a Central Illinois based photographer serving Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and surrounding cities. She specializes in birth photography, newborn photography and family photography. Contact today to reserve a session.

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