Collins | Fresh 48-Hospital Lifestyle Session | Peoria, IL

Brittney Hogue creates birth announcement for Fresh 48 session.

A brand new baby sister.

We all have been wondering and betting for months what Baby Behm would be. And while sometimes I am sore loser, I am not a bit disappointed my guess was wrong. I was Team Boy for all of Brooke's pregnancy. Guess I'll just have to be right next time.

Couple of beautiful things about this little girl... that smushed ear is something I fell in love with. Mom says big sister had it too and I believe it is because Miss Collins found one particular spot in the womb and just decided that was an excellent place to grow without having to turn around all that much. Haha. She also has PERFECTLY shaped finger nails. And just like big sister, she has already found her thumb. I have never seen a brand new baby find a thumb and latch on like Collins did. It only happened for a few minutes, but she was excellent at it.

She's a beautiful baby sister.

Newborn baby girl sleeps in bassinett at OSF St Francis Peoria.
Baby girl holds newbron identification card with birth stats.
Mother snuggles her second daughter in hospital bed during fresh 48 session.
Dad holds his daughter in his arms for beautiful father-daughter lifestyle photograph.
Big sister laughs with mom while meeting baby sister during hospital newborn session at OSF St Francis in Peoria, IL.
Family sits together at hospital for fresh 48 session. Bit sister kisses little sister on the nose.
Newborn baby girl rests against mom during Peoria IL Fresh 48 session.
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