Drew + Easton Hunter | Maternity + Fresh 48 | Peoria, IL

If there's one thing for sure this boy got from his momma.... it's that absolutely gorgeous hair. I mean, I've got a lot of hair. It's thick, it's a halfway pretty color... did my kids get it at BIRTH? No, not a chance. Yet this handsome hunk has a fauxhawk. Easton, don't you know it's not fair to be adorable AND have all that hair? There are rules you know ;) I bet he'll be one of those darling boys with eye lashes for days too! But like I said... he got it from his gorgeous momma.

Congratulations Drew on the birth of your first child. This is such a remarkable and wondrous thing that I know you have yet to completely wrap your head around. There's a baby in your arms AND YOU MADE IT. At Easter that kid was like a blueberry! May your naps be lengthy and your nights be remembered for the cuddles, girl. The journey has just started after all.