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Bloomington, IL parents pose with sonogram during maternity session at McNaughton Park in Pekin, IL. 

It's the new year and for many it's just one step closer to holding that new baby! This time one year ago, I was clocking out of my last shift prior to maternity leave. I was mentally preparing for my second induction that would start at 0500 the following morning and doing... meh, alright with it. I had my heart set on pancakes in the middle of the night. 

Turns out when you're only hours away from having a baby, you don't really wake up in time to prepare pancakes. Who would have thought? 

We settled for donuts at 0430 in Pekin Hospital's parking lot. I remember Chris and I making jokes about whether this baby would be born in the next 24 hours or not. I remember feeling a little frazzled trying to keep my new insurance cards in order. I remember being upset Chris didn't bring the infant carrier with us. He laughed and reminded me that he could run home and grab it. We only lived five minutes away. And as we walked on to L&D floor, making small talk with the ED registration personnel, I remember wanting to absorb every single detail. 

I did not have any big photo shoots of my pregnancies. My last images of being pregnant are in a t-shirt and undies, taking a belly-selfie with my less than stellar front facing camera. Oh and I've got a great bathroom mirror pic up at the Baby Place prior to starting my IV. Haha. So moms, take it from this momtographer and don't hesitate to celebrate that baby bump. When that little bundle is nearly at her first birthday, you'll be filled with nostalgia of the last days of pregnancy and wish you had a beautiful portrait to look back on those memories with... Something to make you feel strong, confident and beautiful. Maybe they can be something that you use to convince your husband you should try for the next baby (Just kidding, Chris. Really. Let's get this one walking or somebody out of diapers)! 

Celebrate the strongest version of you! 

Bloomington, IL mother stands against tree holding baby bump for maternity session at McNaughton Park in Pekin, IL. 

Mothers expecting their babies in the months of March, April and May should take advantage of my Maternity + Fresh 48 sale! When you book any maternity session, you'll have the retainer fee for a Hospital Lifestyle | Fresh 48 WAIVED. That's a $100 savings! 

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