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Motherhood is nothing like I ever imagined and somehow... it's everything I thought it would be.

It's messy and hard. It's sneaking a fudge bar from the freezer once the toddler has just fallen asleep. It's putting on eight different outfits before being happy with how your new body looks in your old clothes. It's wishing those little faces would wake up... and the second they do, wishing they would go back to sleep. It's waking up at 2:00 a.m. and popping into their bedroom just to peek at their resting countenances. It's counting pigs and wiping tears and yelling, "Stop playing in that toilet!"

And some days it's hard. You question yourself. You question if made the right choices today. That eighth outfit change didn't do anything to help your self confidence and the friends with their potty trained 15 month olds aren't helping your self worth. And that's ok.

Mother and child read together during family lifestyle session at the Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL.
Daughter sucks thumb during family lifestyle session at the Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL.

Motherhood isn't just about clean faces, clean fingernails and instilling manners in your tiny human. It's about you. The journey that has taken you from one person with one heart... to one person with pieces of your heart scattered around you. It's about being the very best version of you for the very best versions of you: your children.

Child laughs sitting on mom's lap during family lifestyle photography session at the Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL.

So why this? Why choose THIS session? I want you to see you the way I see you. I want every mother who books this session to see the tender moments I see, to see the love I see. I want you to look at these images through the eyes of your child. You are the center of a tiny human's world. Take this opportunity to remember that. Whether it's the last days of just you and your first born before your next baby arrives, the last days of having a nursling in your lap, or you're just feeling that transition in your home of no longer having small children... this is for you. You'll never regret 20 years from now that you were in the photograph. You'll wish again and again you could back if you could. Be in the photograph moms.

Mother holds daughter close during family lifestyle session at the Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL.
Toddler girl sits on chair and smiles during family lifestyle session with Brittney Hogue, Peoria area family lifestyle photographer.
Pregnant mother dances with toddler daughter during family lifestyle session in Pekin, IL.

Mother + Child Sessions

A one-of-a-kind offering that focuses on the unique relationship between you and your children. These sessions emphasize authenticity, genuine expressions and love. Reach out today to learn more or book your own. Sessions are available in-home or on location at The Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL.

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Brittney Hogue is a Central Illinois based photographer serving Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and surrounding cities. She specializes in maternity photography, birth photography, newborn photography and family photography.