Why You Should Choose a Fresh 48 | Hospital Lifestyle Session | Pekin, IL + Peoria, IL

Fresh 48 | Hospital Lifestyle sessions are hands down my favorite session offering. I get to visit a brand new snuggly baby... give brand new snuggly baby back... see how much love surrounds brand new baby... did I mention I can give baby back? Ha.

This session is a documentary or lifestyle session aimed at creating a collection of images that represent your baby's first day of life. It's about tender moments with family, sweet little yawns and stretches, and that calm and serenity that follow birth. Well that's grand and all... but why do you want to book this? Keep reading...

1. It's the first day of forever.

Dad meets newborn baby at fresh 48 session - OSF Saint Francis Peoria IL

Whether it's the first day you've become a mother or the first day you've become a mother of three... it's the first day. It's the day your partner met your baby girl. It's the day your baby girl met her daddy for the very first time. One day you'll show those photographs to your child and you'll be happy they're more than just from a cell phone.

2. He'll never look the same.

Newborn sleeps in basinett at UnityPoint Health Pekin during Fresh 48 Hospital LIfestyle Session.

You've heard it, you've seen it, you've lived it. Babies change rapidly and what your son looked like hours after birth is sometimes not even remotely close to what he looks like even two weeks later. The birth marks, the squishy face. It's all going to change before you can barely blink. It's something worth holding on to.

3. You deserve a beautiful mom+baby photo.

Post-partum mother holds newborn son for mother and baby portrait during a fresh 48 hospital session Pekin IL.

And I can promise you one. The mom and baby shot is by far my absolute favorite Fresh 48 image to take! Not feeling so confident just hours post-partum? If I can't convince you how beautiful you are, then I'll bring in back up! For an additional $20, I'll bring stylist Missy Condre of Styled Salon to treat you to a dry shampoo and light and natural make-up to have you feeling as gorgeous as the rest of us see you as a new mom!

4. Complimentary birth announcement.

Custom birth announcements with a fresh 48 newborn session in Pekin IL andPeoria IL area births.

That's right! I'll be creating a social media birth announcement for you to share with family and friends immediately after our session. Brag about that baby mamas! He's worth it.

5. Next day image delivery.

And that's not even half of this total all-inclusive gallery...

And that's not even half of this total all-inclusive gallery...

Say whaaaaat? I get my images back when? My goal is to deliver your images back to you via digital download before you are even discharged for home! You've had these gorgeous photographs taken and all your friends and family can't get enough of that beautiful baby face right now... so let's feed the ducks.


Mothers expecting their babies in the months of March, April and May should take advantage of my Maternity + Fresh 48 sale! When you book any maternity session, you'll have the retainer fee for a Hospital Lifestyle | Fresh 48 WAIVED. That's a $100 savings! 

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Brittney Hogue is a Central Illinois based photographer serving Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and surrounding cities. She specializes in maternity photography, birth photography, newborn photography and family photography.