Best of 2016 | Peoria, IL Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, Family Photographer

It's the final countdown to 2017!

And I'm reflection on an amazing year of photographing Peoria and surrounding community families. I'm sharing with you my "Top 5" picks of ALL of my session offerings as we go into the new year and every family is considering what it will bring them. 


Why choose Brittney Hogue?

I'm going to create more than just a few pictures of you holding your belly. I am going to photograph the authentic connection you feel about your pregnancy, about your birth, your fresh little newborn or your family as a whole. These aren't just pictures, they're a recording of a whirlwind of time and some of the most sacred months in your lifetime as a mother. It's my hope to have the emotions you feel truly transcend through your photographs.

Without further adieu, my Best of 2016, in no particular order.

 Mother Nature

Water+Maternity=Love. Every time. Whether it's wading in the Illinois River or in a pool during labor, there's something special about a mother in water. Ellyce here has the whole mother nature vibe going for her too. This was pregnancy number three, a baby girl. And Ellyce said this was the only pregnancy she has felt truly pretty with. I think a large part of that comes from knowledge. By round three, Ellyce knew what her body was capable of, how fierce it was and she found that magic that made her enjoy this time of growing a life force. Her expression here just steals something from me too. I know that feeling. I recognize that look and know I've worn it myself holding my baby bumps.


Kisses that Won't Quit

There's so many things about this image I just can't stop looking at. This was a new location for 2016 and it has become my absolute favorite. The light at this part of McNaughton Park is simply stunning. The way it grabs onto families creates a heart warming photograph. But what's MORE heartwarming? Everyone's expression here. From mom looking at her husband and daughter with love and a genuine smile to dad planting a big smooch to daughter giggling from her dad's hairy face... I always come back to this session, this family, and I fall head over heels every time.


Childhood is Calling

Toddlers playing in water also = love. Adventure, mischief. It's here. Seeing that water suspended in the air from his splashes makes this feel actually timeless. It makes you feel connected. The small hint of a smile you can see on his face is just enough to make me smile back at him. And don't get me started about those eye lashes. If I've photographed your family, your children, you know I am a suck for eye lashes and will spend ten minutes getting a shot of them. Lastly, that baby farmer tan just kills me. Only five more months until posibility of 80 degree weather guys.


Window to the Soul

You may have seen this photograph a lot of late. It's dear to me. I look at his expression and the way his mother holds him and I want to squeeeeeeeeeeeze that little man. He's just so sweet here. Mom sneaks in for a kiss and he doesn't resists (such a rarity for some toddler boys). The colors are like a lazy Sunday afternoon. And there's those eye lashes again. I'm telling you, every shoot.

This photograph is actually from a new session offering from 2016. It is called Mother+Child and focuses on the special bond between mom and her children. It's simple, it's fun. There is no "okay, can you look at me ans smile?" It's not about that. It's just about a boy hanging out with his mom in a room, playing, getting tickled and genuinely loving on his best friend in life. There's nothing that brings out a perfect smile on a mom more than her listening to sound of her child's laughter. Special thanks to The Mansion on Walnut in Pekin, IL for allowing photographers to come out to their gorgeous facility.


Finally Saying Hello

I think this one speaks for itself.

Being asked to be a part of someone's birth team is an honor. I am so blessed to have had mothers trust me to document their birth journeys this year. They've made my life the better for it. Birth Photography is offered throughout Central Illinois: Pekin, Peoria, Bloomington and in between. Payment plans are available on request.


Brittney Hogue is a Central Illinois based photographer serving Peoria, Pekin, Bloomington and surrounding cities. She specializes in maternity photography, birth photography, newborn photography and family photography.