Meet Weston | A Lifestyle Newborn Session | Pekin, IL

I am still looking at this one photograph and feeling all the feels.

Pekin family located in Central Illinois holds their newborn for newborn photographs by Brittney Hogue.

It makes me remember what holding a newborn is like. Do you remember? They just are kind of everywhere and nowhere all at once. You feel like you hold them with your whole body, yet you’re barely holding anything at all. And then, somewhere along the way, that little baby finds a way to be comfortable in the strangest position ever imaginable and you think... I can't believe it's you. I’m finally meeting you. Then the dopamine kicks in and you feel like it would be impossible to hug this child too much or for too long.

I remember that feeling.

Pekin mother holds her newborn during an in-home newborn session photographed by Brittney Hogue. 

I remember those first days after my son was born when I could hear him breathing in the next room. I remember not sleeping for days, still riding on the adrenaline from childbirth. He would fall asleep and I just wanted him to open his eyes again and look at me. And when he would, I just wanted him to fall back asleep so I could snuggle his not so little body and see that peace settle onto his face. I would watch him dream and have all the hope in the world for his future.


I see that in this family. I see that in Kimberly.

Pekin mother holds her new baby in her arms during an in-home lifestyle session with Brittney Hogue, Central Illinois photographer. 

She holds Weston with the love and security of a brand new mother. She holds him with her whole body. She looks down at her baby boy, unsure of who he is... yet she knows every perfect detail of his tiny face and peeling toes.  

Peeling hands and feet of a newborn photographed in Pekin by Brittney Hogue. 
Pekin father holds his newborn during an in-home lifestyle session photographed by Brittney Hogue. 

Those moments are fleeting. They go quickly and before you know it that tiny baby is now ten months old and has two teeth, army crawls through the house after you just to watch you poop and begs to be held again before you can even reach for the toilet paper. Oh motherhood.

Mother and father snuggle around newborn to pose for a newborn lifestyle session with Photographs by Brittney Hogue. 

Kimberly, may you be forever as beautiful at heart as you are in these photographs. May you always remember the sacred love you show here for your son. May your family always feel this whole, this complete, this perfect.