You’re not crazy.
People really do photograph this…
and they love it.


How it works


Most families book in second trimester. This gives us the time to create a comprehensive birth plan and explore any education you might be interested in leading up to your birth. For planned cesarean births, this allows us time to discuss options for myself and your birth partner to be in the OR with you. I take 2 clients per month for births, so inquire early for availability. Births outside of Peoria are subject to travel fee.


  • Attend labor wherever you plan for it to occur (even at home before hospital)

  • Documentary style approach including completely silent camera shutter when needed

  • Mom’s preference for crowning (mom’s perspective, midwife perspective, nurse perspective/ capturing dad’s reaction)

  • Breastfeeding assistance

  • Stay approximately 2 hours after birth to include baby’s first exam and dad’s first time holding baby

  • Images ready in approx 2 weeks, images are never shared without your permission

What you didn’t realize you’d get.

To be real for just a few moments: my pregnancies were hard. They were physically taxing and emotionally … they were overwhelming. I went through a near constant battle with depression and anxiety from around 4 months postpartum with my first pregnancy which didn’t stop until about a year after my third child was born. What I learned was sometimes we need people in our lives that aren’t intimately connected with everything else. Motherhood is nothing if not intensely lonely at the best of times. What I’ve found in investing so much of myself into your birth, into you feeling empowered by your birth, is we get close. Real close. When you have fear keeping you awake, text me. When your world feels like it’s crumbling as you receive a diagnosis that you never expected, call me. When you take 57843 photos of your baby sleeping, send at least three to me. It’s not just photos you’re investing in when you hire a birth photographer… it’s a whole culture of connection and love and commitment.


“It’s not just about having photos. It’s about seeing your strength in a way you never could otherwise.”

Brittney Hogue  |  Your new mom friend


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