Mom receives baby moments after birth in Greater Peoria Area.

This moment.

This is the one that transforms you.
Strength. Perseverance. Power.

It’s not just the birth of your child. It’s the birth of you: a mother. The most peculiar thing about birth is our inability to see the power it gives us until it’s passed. Our pregnancies are often defined by anticipation, by uncertainty, or even by fear. But choosing this, choosing birth photography gives you something back. An opportunity to take control of your narrative. An ability to see the most remarkable parts of yourself. A memory that might have otherwise faded away, despite how strongly you hold it.

Birth packages are designed to not only give you beautiful photos, but also support during your labor and delivery. Every package includes doula support for pregnancy and delivery, focusing on education in decision making in your birth and learning coping and comfort techniques in labor.

Mother holds baby in birth pool with vernix and umbilical cord showing. Homebirth midwife Jenni Collins of Home Sweet Home Birth, LLC in Central Illinois.


What is birth photography?

It’s not just about the few seconds of your baby entering the world. It’s the hours leading up to it, it’s the tender moments afterward. It’s the entire journey of bringing your baby into your arms and all of the strength, perseverance and power it takes to bring you there. My documentary style is emotion based, not graphically based, so even the most modest families can feel comfortable knowing their births can be beautifully remembered.

WHen should I book?

Most families book in second trimester. This gives us the time to create a comprehensive birth plan and explore any education you might be interested in leading up to your birth. For planned cesarean births, this allows us time to discuss options for myself and your birth partner to be in the OR with you. I take 2 clients per month for births, so inquire early for availability. I travel up to two hours from Peoria without additional travel fee. Payment plans are an option for all clients.

What can I expect?

  • Attend labor wherever you plan for it to occur (even home before hospital)

  • Documentary style approach including completely silent camera shutter when needed

  • Mom’s preference for crowning (mom’s perspective, midwife perspective, nurse perspective/ capturing dad’s reaction)

  • Breastfeeding assistance

  • Stay approximately 2 hours after birth to include baby’s first exam and dad’s first time holding baby

  • Images ready in approx 2 weeks, images are never shared without your permission



be transformed

Through witnessing the beauty of birth


Feel the journey

Through experiencing birth with mothers


get the best SOUVENIR

Custom placenta prints for home and hospital births


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