Remember the beauty in the first hours with your newborn.
Captivating. Delightful. Nostalgic.

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Keep the first days forever

Your little baby changes in the blink of an eye now. Velvet skin. Little puppy whimpers. Soft, little hairs that cover her like dewdrops. This newly postpartum period is like nothing you imagined. It’s perfect and it’s fleeting. But why bother with a professional when you have the new iPhone? These sessions are more than just snapshots of your baby. They are a story, told by me, that includes everyone. Even you. Even you in the flattering way it takes your partner 4 to 18 attempts to achieve. This isn’t just about celebrating your new baby. It’s about celebrating your new identity in motherhood.

How it works


Fresh 48s focus on the first days of life, typically within 48 hours of birth. These sessions take place wherever birth occurred: home, birth center or hospital. Sessions include up to an hour of of your time and are the easiest way to capture your baby’s first professional portraits, after all I’m coming to you! Fresh 48s can also include films, which are perfect for remembering your older children meeting their new best friend. Mothers who are not feeling physically well enough to complete their session in the first 48 can opt for an in-home documentary session or studio mini session.


Fresh 48 sessions are usually booked in 2nd or 3rd trimester. I take around 4 clients a month for this session type. Book early and simply notify me when you’re in labor via text/email. I’ll check in with you in a few hours and we’ll settle on a time for your session after you are settled into postpartum. Payment plans are available for all families.


  • Scheduled session morning or afternoon following your birth

  • Documentary style approach with very loose posing

  • Extended families are encouraged to join, though the first 20 minutes will focus on immediate family only

  • Photos are available next business day for social media sharing